Top 7 Best Laptops for Students under $500 -Buyer’s Guide

We usually observe on laptops at our fixed budget to find out the best laptops for students under $500. Even we try to find out what is the most common budget in the people while they are seeking for a new laptop. Here you will have found the list of the best laptops for students under $500.

This is our common nature to get the best within our fixed budget. And this is why I am writing the article helping you to get the best laptops for students under $500, even without any troublesome of searching out. All of us know that $500 is the most common budget among the people and for the price they want the laptops that can provide all the daily tasks and some gaming as well.

Some of them are also concerned about an excellent display while some of them desire to get a lightweight laptop with full-day battery timing along with a good keyboard, all under $500.

That is why finding the best such laptops is really a challenging job because the budget of under $500 laptops is still regarded to be the budget category. There are a ton of laptops in the marketplace to easily puzzle the people.

We have considered and worked accordingly, we have tasted a good number of laptops from several manufacturers in the $500 price range. We have picked all the best laptops for all-purpose within a $500 price range which we consider are the best laptops for students to suit the immense the requirement of people.

So, let’s have a look at all the best laptops for students under $500 you can buy one of them.

Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5, best laptop for students under 500

The Acer Aspire 5 is our peak choice of the laptop under $500 price range now. It provides all the most up-to-date set of hardware specifications which consist of the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8265U Quad-Core processor, 8GB of RAM and speedy 256GB of SSD. 

The display on the laptop is the best laptop you’ll find in the section. It comes with very tiny bezels and it’s an IPS panel so the color duplicate and screening angles are also superb.

Moreover, it also comes with a fingerprint scanner, backlit keyboard, all the necessary ports, and its weight is only 3.9 pounds creating it the lightest 15-inch laptop under $500 price range. So, if you don’t want to misuse your time in sifting special laptop models, then you can go with the Acer Aspire 5 laptop which is great for all types of consumers.


  • Elegant design
  • Fast processor
  • Well-matched combination of SSD and HDD
  • Decent battery life
  • The case does not get so hot


  • Mediocre interface and light-responsive on the touchpad
  • Dismal display

HP Pavilion 15t Laptop- Best Touchscreen Laptop

HP Pavilion 15t Laptop - best laptops for student under 500

Next on our list is the HP Pavilion 15t laptop. And you know it is one of the best touchscreen display laptops which come with a stripped-down price tag. The laptop has some fabulous features. The HP Pavilion is powered by the Core i5-8250u processor having max clock frequency up to 3.4GHz. It provides at the same time the latest Kaby Lake Refresh processor that’s why it consumes very little power and is a low voltage chip so the core amount is good balanced. 

However, the CPU is an able one and scores a very decent number of benchmark scores in the notebook.

The laptop can do a lot of things is backed by 4GB of RAM and comes with 1TB of HDD for storage in which you can store anything. The HP Pavilion laptop will provide you a lag-free performance, and do exceptionally good in terms of multitasking and handling the application.

If you look at the battery life of the laptop, you have to be glad because it comes with most of the energy-efficient elements, and will certainly last a little over 5 hours on a single full charge. So as a student if you like to buy the best touchscreen laptop under $500, then the laptop is the one you can buy.


  • Good application performance 
  • Good battery life
  • Low power consumption
  • Decent input devices


  • The display is a little dark and has a blue cast
  • No VGA out
  • Slow Ethernet
  • USB 3.0 ports are not designed as such

Lenovo IdeaPad 320 15.6”-Best ideal Laptop for College Students

Lenovo IdeaPad 320 15.6”-Best ideal Laptop for College Students

Next on our list is the Lenovo IdeaPad-320 is an excellent everyday laptop at a value price tag. The laptop comes with a combination of the latest generation of Intel processor with an HD 15.6-inch screen. The laptop is powered by an Intel Celeron N3350 dual-core processor with a powerful 4GB of RAM and a 1T hard drive. This one also comes with a DVD drive along with a 4-in-1 memory card reader for straightforward transfer of files, and Bluetooth 4.1 as well as USB 3.0 port.

You can hope it to be fast streaming, thanks a million to the latest 802.11ac wireless internet. The laptop is also perfect for school or college students to make their presentation by using this one. Along with making presentations, you as a student have the option of browsing the internet and will enjoy true visual clarity when you watch a movie or other videos.

The keyboard is really a nice one, featuring an island-style design along with individual keys that feel much cushy. The touchpad of the laptop is located in front of the keyboard and has a unique design. With the left and right buttons leagued into the main pad’s body. It really makes you feel it much smooth and responsive and backs up multi-touch.

The performance of the laptop is just awesome as it comes with the Intel Celeron N3350 Dual-Core processor and the Intel HD Graphics 500 GPU in fact, hold the IdeaPad 320 back in terms of performance. We have already tested the laptop is frustratingly slow in the configuration and struggles to perform anything beyond the most basic jobs.


  • Beautiful unibody design
  • Light and thin
  • Great keyboard


  • Poor battery life
  • No HD display
  • Sluggish performance

HP Notebook-15 –Best Laptop for Students

HP Notebook-15 –Best Laptop for Students

Next on my list is the HP Notebook-15 which is a surprising Windows-10 laptop. The HP Laptop comes with a lot of features and is really perfect for college-going students.

We have already experimented with the HP Notebook-15 that is an entry-level as well as a budget-friendly laptop. It is designed to do the necessary task as a portable desktop replacement. We also tested the configuration as the laptop provides the AMD A6-9225 2.6 GHz processor along with 4GB of DDR4 RAM that proved enough for the most basic productivity task. The matter of sorrow that you may not be glad to see the display of the laptop that is not full High-Definition. 

Although the laptop is under $300 desktop replacement, it has the premium look you will find the best for the price. This laptop looks aesthetically very nice. There are a few colors available in the market, but we have already tested the black model featuring the same textured plastic on the bezel, interior case, and exterior case.

When you get down to do the necessary tasks, the keyboard of the laptop is really great. Truly speaking, the keyboard is easy to use and enough cushy. Along with this, the touchpad’s positioning is decent and enough responsive.

In reality, we found that the laptop feels sluggish a lot of the time, particularly when running multiple apps at the same time or running more web browser tabs. One thing I don’t like is that it’s particularly not good at working with images and video editing, yet it is enough usable for basic tasks like word processing and email. The problem we found in the laptop is that its loading speed. Some software like LibreOffice Writer took approximately 20 seconds to launch.


  • Attractive design
  • Good keyboard
  • Decent stereo sound


  • A lot of bloatware
  • The display is not full HD
  • Mediocre battery life

Asus X540UA-DB31 –Best Business-class laptop

Asus X540UA-DB31 –Best Business-class laptop

Next on our list is the Asus X540UA-DB31 which is one of the best laptops for business-class people, although the model name is not so consumer-friendly. The laptop provides an excellent balance performance and price range, and it’s particularly very simple to work with. That’s because it comes with a 15.6” display with a mind-satisfactory full High-Definition resolution and matte finish for reduced glare, that is to say, your eyes won’t be anything after a long time watching at the laptop.

The laptop comes with a modern Intel-Core i3-8130U processor, so you need not worry about the budget price tag meaning old components. It also has 4GB of DDR4 RAM, which will get you started with no problem that may be worth updating later on. One thing that really shows the machine’s perfect blend of price and performance is the FireCuda SSHD, which mixed with and 8GB SSD with a hard for expansive space accelerated by SSD speed.

If you feel necessary to buy a laptop for your work, I think this is a good choice. And, thanks a million to its size, it provides a full keyboard. This will be particularly portable if you often work with number keys since the number row is not nearly but easy to use the number pad.


  • Good performance for the price value
  • Sleek design and full HD display
  • Both types of USB ports


  • Short battery life
  • The keyboard is not backlit
  • Non-touch display

Microsoft Surface Go –Best 2-in-1

Microsoft Surface Go –Best 2-in-1

Next on our list is the greatest powerful laptop in the market is Microsoft Surface Go. You know the windows operating system that comes from generally the corporate of Microsoft. Now, think about it, they respectively released a wonderful laptop.

It is hard to debate against the triumphant of Microsoft’s Surface lineup, and the Go is no exception. Before I explain it, I’m also a consumer of the laptop. It comes with excellent features that must make you glad if you buy this one. You can use this one tablet mode as it is the 10-inch pixel sense touchscreen display that is ideal for gaming, reading, and writing. It provides at the same time 1800 x 1200 resolution and text is crisp and clear.

Along with the laptop, you will get the original Window-10 version, and this one has complete access to Microsoft’s marketplace for downloading a good number of applications. For the business class consumers, Microsoft’s whole suite of Office products runs perfectly.

You need not worry about its weight is 1.3 pounds, and the Go is easily the most portable one yet. The battery life is incredibly awesome as it provides up to nine hours of continuous use of daily life. Whether you are a businessman or something else, it doesn’t matter as it has plenty of protection built-in. This one has the Microsoft Defender which protects against malware attacks when parental controls give parents peace of mind.

As it contains a lot of features and is fast as good as a desktop computer, you can buy this one.


  • Portable device
  • Excellent battery life
  • Keyboard works properly


  • Price for the upgraded model is a little high
  • Unfavorable repairability

HP 15-BS013DX –Best Affordable Touchscreen DisplayHP 15-BS013DX –Best Affordable Touchscreen Display

Next on our list is the HP 15-BS013DX which is a version of the best budget-category HP Notebook 15 series that includes a good amount of features. If you want to purchase a decent touchscreen display laptop for your school going issues, I think this one is perfect for them.

Do you wish of having a proper laptop in which there will be no disturbance things? If the answer is yes the HP 15-BS013DX is the one to have. This amazing laptop delivers some outstanding high range features that make the laptop best in the market.

Although the laptop seems to be very cheap, it is simple to think that the overall performance will be as good as its price tag. There are some color options you can choose. The outside of this one is made with the bezel from the top to the bottom and the interior body is also made with metal. As the laptop is lightweight and is quite decently portable.

You have to be very glad that you will get the display that is perfectly proficient for a budget-friendly laptop. Although most people love to use with 1920 x 1080, there is an issue of the resolution is only 1366 x 768. In terms of its color, you need not worry as it has color depth and brightness.

The HP 15-BS013DX is powered by Core i3-7100U processor and integrated Intel UHD 620 graphics chin. And it comes with 4GB DDR3L-1600RAM and 500GB of SATA hard drive. In the hard drive, you can store anything as you are glad. 

The laptop is compared to the competition owing to having a good place that it has a touchscreen display. In comparison with the HP Notebook-15, it can be said that they are a close cousin.

If you are thinking about buying a laptop for your school or college going issues or someone else, I think this one is the best option you can buy.


  • It is enough portable 
  • Good design
  • Decent battery life
  • Good screen resolution


  • Not good for bulk work
  • Not perfect for high-end graphics
  • Becomes slow at times


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